Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3, 2011 this date in history

Friends that I have been talking with on politics and related matters for years are agog at the increasing level of violence and cruelty among mainstream America.

In June 2011, yet another innocent man died in the South because he was Black. His murderers were teenagers. Their lives have been destroyed by the poison of racism. Without question, their victim is dead at their hands. Surveillance video recorded the entire horrifying incident.

Regrettably, I am not shocked by the lack of coverage of this story by the mainstream corporate media. See my senior thesis, an ethnography of the August 2000 protest, D2K, in Los Angeles at the Democratic Convention.

Noam Chomsky warned us about the frightening consolidation of control of the media under the corporate veil in the 1980s. There were then merely 25 companies that controlled most of global media. Now there are either four or five, depending on who has merged or split with whom.

It's been such a bad week, my solitaire scores have dropped! I have been in the 600-700 range for the last month. Now I average 500. Bummer.