Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Tax Breaks

By Olivia LaRosa - November 30, 2005

You cannot help poor people by giving rich people money. I have never heard one person who got a tax break say, "Oh my gosh! Now I can put my neighbor to work."

The fact is: 35 years ago, corporate tax revenues amounted to about 50% of the total income tax revenues each year. Now, its about 5%. And all of the Bush tax breaks are not permanent yet.

They claim that they only want to pay their fair share. Looks to me like they think their fair share is a big fat zero.

I keep making a proposal to every tax resister I meet, on the right and the left. People on the right seem uncomfortable about it.

There's how it goes. We give the flat tax people their flat tax, regressive and punitive to the less well off as it is. The catch is: taxpayers get to check a box that states whether they want their taxes to go to the military or social programs and infrastructure.

I think its a great idea. I think that if implemented, we would see some REAL political action. People could vote with their money.