Monday, July 28, 2008

Man Shot Churchgoers Over Liberal Views

Every day, people have to suffer and die because of the horrifying acts of the "moral" right wing. Iraq, Afghanistan, U$, all over the world. The same mentality drives it all. I am right, therefore you should die if you do not agree. ~Deb

By DUNCAN MANSFIELD, Associated Press Writer
29 minutes ago

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - An unemployed man accused of opening fire with a shotgun and killing two people at a Unitarian church apparently targeted the congregation out of hatred for its liberal social policies, police said Monday.


Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV said a letter had been been recovered from the SUV of Jim D. Adkisson, 58, by investigators seeking clues about the motive behind the attack. Authorities said he was an apparent stranger to the Tennessee church where gunfire punctuated a children's performance based on the musical "Annie." Two people were killed and seven wounded Sunday.

"It appears that what brought him to this horrible event was his lack of being able to obtain a job, his frustration over that and his stated hatred of the liberal movement," Owen said at a news conference.

No children were hurt, but five people remained in serious or critical condition Monday. A burly usher who died is being hailed as a hero for shielding others from gunfire Sunday at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Witnesses said some of the men present tackled a man who pulled a shotgun from a guitar case before at least three blasts rang out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sexual Predator 1, Victim 0, three times in a row

by Olivia LaRosa - July 28, 2007

Women are victimized so frequently that everyone views it as normal...something that we should just accept as our womanly duty. I have no womanly duties. I only have duties to the other occupants of this planet.

Now, let me ask you this: since when should a victim be penalized for being victimized twice? Why should my complaint, backed with direct evidence, be ignored? Oh, I get it! Because I had a similar complaint, which I backed with direct evidence, in the recent past. That's why.

theprofessor20032003 (original post deleted because it made my blog X-rated!) continues to be greeted breathlessly as the crowd awaits his words of wisdom. I asked why theprofessor20032003 was still welcome in this room after he and some horndog friend came into the chatroom and began describing the condition of their sexual ME.

Room members leapt to the defense of the sexual predator. I was told that it wasn't any worse than what happened in other rooms. I said, I don't go to those other rooms, and I have never been subjected to that kind of abuse in this room. I said that I was a particular victim in this instance, and that I was distressed that no one would take up for me. Some friends, in particular omars girl, explained that it was offensive not only to me but to many other women in the room.

I do not visit political chat to be subjected to that kind of abuse. The right wing is abusive enough politically that I need not take more, and especially targeted towards me.

theprofessor20032003 positions himself to be a "liberal" in order to induce trust in his victims. Because he seemed like a sensible man, I opened a chat with him. He first began abusing me in private messaging. He started making graphic sexual suggestions to me. When I told him to stop and ended the chat, he took it into the chatroom...where nobody seemed to mind that he was abusing me.

I was shocked that even regularly sensible men refused to support me and ban the professor20032003 from the chat room where I was, until tonight, an administrator. Many of the women came to support the professor20032003 as well.

One woman said that he should not be convicted on hearsay. I replied, "this is not hearsay. It is direct evidence. Read it for yourself."

I resign. I know what sexual abuse is, and I know when it is directed at me. I know what a rape victim feels like now... "she was asking for it."

The people in that room, including admins, knew that a man who had threatened me with a sexually violent death had visited the room a few weeks before. So, since everyone is always making excuses for sexual predators (think of your uncle the child molester), I am sure that they said that I was being oversensitive.

The Overton Window & Energy Policy

by Deborah Lake

I went to an Energy Policy Platform meeting today. People were discussing the development of a national policy, much like the "Go to the Moon" initiative originally pressed by JFK in the 1960s, to lessen our dependence on carbon-based fuels. Such a national policy already exists, developed by the Apollo Alliance and similar organizations.

I took the discussion beyond that point. I stated that in order to accomplish such a mammoth goal, it might be necessary to nationalize the oil companies. Realistically, this step must be taken. Oil companies are oil *pushers.* This step is politically distasteful, and I got a range of reactions to my comment. The reaction was meaningless to me. I was merely opening the range of discussion. What I said today, although abhorrent to some in my audience, is a seed planted.

Political and economic changes do not occur because people ask for exactly what they want. These changes occur because people ask for their ideal and press for it, in the streets. Then, the ruling class gives people something that provides the illusion that they might get what they want, someday, if they will just go home.

This is an example of the Overton Window in action. The Overton Window concept holds a narrow range of possibilities can be expanded...that people should demand MUCH MORE than they want, in order to move the discussion closer to the ideal.

"In addition to being dependent on the ideas that form the boundaries of the political climate, politicians are also known to be self-interested and desirous of obtaining the best political result for themselves.[2] Therefore, they will almost always constrain themselves to taking actions within the "window" of ideas approved of by the electorate. Actions outside of this window, while theoretically possible, and maybe more optimal in terms of sound policy, are politically unsuccessful. Even if a few legislators were willing to stick out their necks for an action outside the window, most would not risk the disfavor of their constituents. They may seek the good of those who elected them, and even the good of the state or nation as a whole, but in pursuing the course they think is best, most will certainly take into account their political future. This is the heart of the Overton window theory.

"So, if a think tank’s research and the principles of sound policy suggest a particular idea that lies outside the Overton window, what is to be done? Shift the window. Since commonly held ideas, attitudes and presumptions frame what is politically possible and create the "window," a change in the opinions held by politicians and the people in general will shift it. Move the window of what is politically possible and those policies previously impractical can become the next great popular and legislative rage."

Example: The Depression. The Depression led to misery and death worldwide. Let's stick the U$A as an example. Revolution threatened. So, what did the "smart conservatives" like FDR do? They implemented programs that helped WHITE MEN only, like the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Then, those programs were dismantled in favor of the WWII war economy, never to return. What the people wanted was a way to earn a living doing dignified and fulfilling work in their home towns. They got nothing like that.

Example: The Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement demanded not only equal opportunity, but such things as a guaranteed job! Gasp! What, they didn't want welfare? No! All they wanted was a guaranteed job, the ability to work to take care of their families. What they got instead after 200 years of pain, misery, poverty, and death, was the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. These Acts provided those who suffered from discrimination not what they asked for, but the illusion that they might be able to achieve their goals. Problem: you had to sue and win and enforce a judgment. Result, not even close to what justice and compassion demanded.

The Overton Window was not shifted far enough. It's time to start asking for WAY more than we think is possible.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Bank Fails

By Olivia LaRosa July 7, 2008

Better start thinking about planting that vegetable garden...

Interalia*, Hypatia is that dreaded creature, an Econ Geek. I took my first econ class when I was 16 years old. I always thought that I wanted to become an economist until I saw the course list. (((Snore.)))

Economists have the best jobs! Even when they are wrong, they can always come up with a plausible excuse and remain employed.

However, I have kept up with the field, and know enough to know that there is nothing, nothing, nothing that will stop the US economy on its greased slide into oblivion. A lack of effective regulation, such as in the case of Indymac, is only one facet of the TOTAL lack of conservation and prudence on the part of the ummmm...conservatives.

Example follows:

Crisis Deepens as Big Bank Fails

IndyMac Seized
In Largest Bust
In Two Decades


July 12, 2008; Page A1
IndyMac Bank, a prolific mortgage specialist that helped fuel the housing boom, was seized Friday by federal regulators, in the third-largest bank failure in U.S. history.
IndyMac is the biggest mortgage lender to go under since a fall in housing prices and surge in defaults began rippling through the economy last year -- and it likely won't be the last. Banking regulators are bracing for a slew of failures over the next year as analysts say housing prices have yet to bottom out.

The collapse is expected to cost the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. between $4 billion and $8 billion, potentially wiping out more than 10% of the FDIC's $53 billion deposit-insurance fund.

The Pasadena, Calif., thrift was one of the largest savings and loans in the country, with about $32 billion in assets. It now joins an infamous list of collapsed banks, topped by Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co., which failed in 1984 with $40 billion of assets. The second-largest failure was American Savings & Loan Association of Stockton, Calif., in 1988.

The director of the Office of Thrift Supervision, John Reich, blamed IndyMac's failure on comments made in late June by Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.), who sent a letter to the regulator raising concerns about the bank's solvency. In the following 11 days, spooked depositors withdrew a total of $1.3 billion. Mr. Reich said Sen. Schumer gave the bank a "heart attack."

"Would the institution have failed without the deposit run?" Mr. Reich asked reporters. "We'll never know the answer to that question."

Mr. Schumer quickly fired back.

"If OTS had done its job as regulator and not let IndyMac's poor and loose lending practices continue, we wouldn't be where we are today," Sen. Schumer said. "Instead of pointing false fingers of blame, OTS should start doing its job to prevent future IndyMacs."

IndyMac had been troubled for months, and investors were concerned about its possible downfall well before Sen. Schumer's comments. It specialized in Alt-A loans, a type of mortgage that can often be offered to borrowers who don't fully document their incomes or assets. The company sold most of the loans it originated, but continued to hold some on its books. As defaults piled up, IndyMac's finances deteriorated.

The bank will be run by the FDIC and reopen Monday. The FDIC typically insures up to $100,000 per depositor. IndyMac had roughly $19 billion of deposits. Nearly $1 billion of those deposits were uninsured, affecting about 10,000 people, the FDIC said.

IndyMac's arc -- rapid growth, followed by an even more rapid descent -- is a microcosm of the mortgage industry. It boomed in the first part of this decade, as investors were willing to fund loans on ever-looser terms, then hit hard times when the housing market began to turn down in late 2006.

Small mortgage lenders started going under quickly, with the number of failures climbing into the hundreds. Now the fallout has spread world-wide, bringing down some of America's largest financial institutions. Bear Stearns Cos., which suffered losses on mortgage-related investments, underwent a meltdown in March and had to be rescued by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Countrywide Financial Corp., at one time the nation's largest mortgage lender, saw its stock price plunge this year and was forced to sell itself to Bank of America Corp. at a firesale price.

IndyMac, in a last-ditch effort to fend off collapse after it failed to raise fresh capital, said this past week it was firing more than half its work force and closing most of its lending operations. While its shares had been tumbling since early 2007, the move was nonetheless jarring for a company that ranked as the ninth-largest U.S. mortgage lender last year in terms of loan volume, according to trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance.

IndyMac is one of the few federally insured banks to fail in recent years. Banking regulators are bulking up their staff of bank examiners and taking a tough approach toward banks that are seen as risky.

Mr. Reich, the thrift regulator, noted that the IndyMac case had some "unique" features, including the involvement of Sen. Schumer and the rapid fall in its deposits. Officials said most of the recent withdrawals came from depositors at branches, rather than those making deposits at IndyMac's online bank.

IndyMac was set up by Countrywide in 1985, but the two companies severed ties in 1997 and became direct competitors. The company's name stands for Independent National Mortgage. It was created to specialize in jumbo mortgages -- those that are too big to be sold to government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 1997, under the direction of Chief Executive Michael Perry, a protege of Countrywide chief Angelo Mozilo, IndyMac set off on its own.

The company grew quickly, pioneering the issuance of so-called Alt-A mortgages to people with blemished credit histories. The loans have gained notoriety as an example of the type of lax lending that came to characterize much of the mortgage industry.

Early last year, Mr. Perry remained optimistic about IndyMac's future, insisting that the company had the resources to remain independent. At the time, IndyMac's stock was trading for about $45 a share.

But the combination of the frozen credit markets and mounting defaults on IndyMac loans steadily sapped investor confidence in the company. In February, IndyMac reported the first annual loss in its 23-year history. By this week, its shares, which ended last year at less than $7 each, were trading for 28 cents apiece.

The company was desperate for more capital but couldn't find investors willing to put fresh funds into what looked like a crippled institution.

The failure could be felt across the entire banking industry, as the FDIC will likely have to raise insurance assessments for all banks to build up government reserves. "It takes a big chunk out of the FDIC insurance fund," said Chip MacDonald, a banking lawyer at law firm Jones Day. He said that if the FDIC hikes insurance fees, that will add to already-intense pressure on bank profits.

The OTS and FDIC didn't secure any outside firm to acquire the bank's assets. The FDIC will temporarily run the bank through a new bank it has created, called IndyMac Federal Bank, FSB.

Write to Damian Paletta at and David Enrich at

*The taxpayers of California and I are in debt to the tune of $125K for my education.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Conyers refuses to explain why he will not proceed with impeachment

At a moving meeting with Veterans for Peace, Conyers once again refuses to explain why he will not proceed with a bill of impeachment against Bush and Cheney.

Bush signed a bill shredding the facade of liberty in the U$A today

On the day that corporations and the U$ government officially merged: aka passage of telecom immunity under FISA reauthorization.

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[7/10/2008 9:46:09 PM] LegalCharades says: 21 Dems in the Senate voted for it all the Republicans voted for it
[7/10/2008 9:46:22 PM] oz says: AND hILLARY VOTED AGAINST IT
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[7/10/2008 9:46:31 PM] LegalCharades says: 28 Dems voted against it
[7/10/2008 9:46:32 PM] oz says: of course
[7/10/2008 9:46:38 PM] oz says: big mistake on his part
[7/10/2008 9:46:47 PM] oz says: politically stupis
[7/10/2008 9:46:54 PM] LegalCharades says: 105 Dems in the House voted for it
[7/10/2008 9:47:05 PM] hypatia says: A friend said last night that the candidates are controlled by their big donors.
[7/10/2008 9:47:12 PM] LegalCharades says: No Republican voted against it
[7/10/2008 9:47:19 PM] hypatia says: So one of Obama's big donors twisted his arm.
[7/10/2008 9:47:33 PM] hypatia says: Not even Arlen Specter? He was hot!
[7/10/2008 9:48:30 PM] LegalCharades says: What about the pukes?
[7/10/2008 9:48:37 PM] hypatia says: Specter wondered when Congress was going to declare independence from the Executive Branch.
[7/10/2008 9:48:47 PM] LegalCharades says: only 1 puke voted against it in the Senate
[7/10/2008 9:48:54 PM] LegalCharades says: none in the House
[7/10/2008 9:49:12 PM] oz says: They are foolish
[7/10/2008 9:49:24 PM] hypatia says: why should anything be different now
[7/10/2008 9:49:33 PM] hypatia says: most people in lala land most of the time
[7/10/2008 9:49:42 PM] oz says: its not even about the money
[7/10/2008 9:49:50 PM] oz says: its about power
[7/10/2008 9:50:10 PM] LegalCharades says: Warrants are still required
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[7/10/2008 9:50:50 PM] hypatia says: We slapped Conyers around last October for a half an hour at the National Lawyers Guild convention.
[7/10/2008 9:51:03 PM] hypatia says: He's a great friend to humanity most of the time.
[7/10/2008 9:51:16 PM] hypatia says: Someone sat on Conyers.
[7/10/2008 9:51:25 PM] oz says: and pooped
[7/10/2008 9:51:38 PM] hypatia says: They wanted to stall impeachment until it would cripple Bush the least.
[7/10/2008 9:51:57 PM] hypatia says: Now, it will not stop one Bush executive order or appointment.
[7/10/2008 9:52:20 PM] hypatia says: But they would get political brownie points for doing the "right thing."
[7/10/2008 9:52:28 PM] oz says: I agree Idacta
[7/10/2008 9:52:30 PM] hypatia says: lol oz
[7/10/2008 9:52:35 PM] oz says: its crap!
[7/10/2008 9:52:37 PM] oz says: yes
[7/10/2008 9:52:44 PM] oz says: you bet!
[7/10/2008 9:52:50 PM] oz says: facisim
[7/10/2008 9:52:50 PM] hypatia says: that's what all the Demo candidates have done since Clinton
[7/10/2008 9:52:56 PM] hypatia says: appease the fascists
[7/10/2008 9:53:07 PM] oz says: jinx hypatialol
[7/10/2008 9:53:20 PM] hypatia says: and people wonder why the the Dems are not seen as having a moral center
[7/10/2008 9:53:50 PM] hypatia says: There was a seismic shift today.
[7/10/2008 9:53:56 PM] oz says: We have no leaders in the Democrat party just a couple the rest are reps
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[7/10/2008 9:59:22 PM] Jezzie says: we are complacent
[7/10/2008 10:00:37 PM] hypatia says: I think that we should hold "craft-ins" at congress and senate offices.
[7/10/2008 10:00:54 PM] hypatia says: I am making beaded jewelry to sell at the Farmers Market.
[7/10/2008 10:01:05 PM] oz says: yes but slowly
[7/10/2008 10:01:06 PM] hypatia says: I could do that and occupy someone's office at the same time.
[7/10/2008 10:01:15 PM] oz says: they seem like they don't know what to do
[7/10/2008 10:01:33 PM] oz says: yes thats a worry bill
[7/10/2008 10:01:42 PM] hypatia says: Compare Provisions of Hitler's laws with FISA Amendments act of 2008: http://www.indybay. org/newsitems/ 2008/07/06/ 18514030. php From lc
[7/10/2008 10:01:50 PM] oz says: Kalr rove thumbed his nose at conyers today
[7/10/2008 10:01:57 PM] oz says: Karl
[7/10/2008 10:02:00 PM] oz says: arrrg
[7/10/2008 10:02:16 PM] hypatia says: They are going after inherent contempt against Rove.
[7/10/2008 10:03:11 PM] oz says: http://therealnews. com/t/index. php?option= com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=1862&updaterx=2008- 07-10+13% 3A29%3A38
[7/10/2008 10:03:28 PM] LegalCharades says: FISA Amendment Act "A Better Bill"": http://www.newspape opinion/2572- reyes-fisa- amendments- act-a-better- bill
[7/10/2008 10:03:38 PM] oz says: :@
[7/10/2008 10:04:07 PM] hypatia says: appropriate emoticon, oz
[7/10/2008 10:04:10 PM] oz says: hypatiayou are so right They are sitting on Conyers
[7/10/2008 10:04:18 PM] LegalCharades says: Fact sheet on FISA: http://online. SB12139136094929 0049.html? mod=googlenews_ wsj
[7/10/2008 10:04:24 PM] Jezzie says: (u)
[7/10/2008 10:04:26 PM] oz says: They told him he is history if he dosen't back off
[7/10/2008 10:04:47 PM] hypatia says: lol nell
[7/10/2008 10:05:00 PM] hypatia says: hey, nell, the fund is up to $140!
[7/10/2008 10:05:00 PM] oz says: The BlueDems and the pukes will trash him!
[7/10/2008 10:05:26 PM] LegalCharades says: I callled the entire Congressional Black Caucus today
[7/10/2008 10:05:37 PM] hypatia says: what did you say, lc?
[7/10/2008 10:05:44 PM] LegalCharades says: I called Robert Wexler
[7/10/2008 10:06:11 PM] LegalCharades says: I called my own Rep. Shelley Berkeley
[7/10/2008 10:07:18 PM] Jezzie says: i'm not on the dems team
[7/10/2008 10:07:24 PM] LegalCharades says: I called the entire Congressional Black Caucus
[7/10/2008 10:07:45 PM] Jezzie says: i love kucinich
[7/10/2008 10:08:19 PM] LegalCharades says: I asked them to stand in support of Wexler's demand for Statutory Contempt title 2 USC section 192
[7/10/2008 10:08:28 PM] hypatia says: what, Cherri????
[7/10/2008 10:08:31 PM] LegalCharades says: And the Inherent Contempt
[7/10/2008 10:08:33 PM] hypatia says: that's obscene
[7/10/2008 10:09:19 PM] Jezzie says: thats what i thought
[7/10/2008 10:09:23 PM] hypatia says: I think that Dennis the k was given the OK to introduce one article today.
[7/10/2008 10:09:39 PM] hypatia says: So the Dems can LOOK like they are attending to business.
[7/10/2008 10:09:48 PM] hypatia says: while they postpone it
[7/10/2008 10:09:50 PM] hypatia says: LMAO
[7/10/2008 10:10:30 PM] hypatia says: The process has been co-opted
[7/10/2008 10:10:34 PM] Jezzie says: it will be one soon, Idacta
[7/10/2008 10:10:44 PM] hypatia says: looool
[7/10/2008 10:10:55 PM] LegalCharades says: Kucinich: Impeachment not off the table: http://www.scoop. HL0806/S00290. htm
[7/10/2008 10:11:22 PM] Jezzie says: lc, so great hypatiabrought u here, hugs
[7/10/2008 10:12:24 PM] hypatia says: I agree, Bill.
[7/10/2008 10:12:48 PM] Jezzie says: i agree, Idacta
[7/10/2008 10:12:56 PM] Smartquestions says: We need the entire Congress exposed!
[7/10/2008 10:12:56 PM] hypatia says: looool
[7/10/2008 10:13:11 PM] Jezzie says: right cherri
[7/10/2008 10:14:14 PM] hypatia says: sound going bad
[7/10/2008 10:14:28 PM] hypatia says: echoes for me
[7/10/2008 10:14:58 PM] hypatia says: better now
[7/10/2008 10:15:22 PM] LegalCharades says: Pelosi: House Judiciary Committee may hold impeachment Hearings: http://www.huffingt 2008/07/10/ pelosi-house- judiciary- co_n_111976. html?page= 2
[7/10/2008 10:17:12 PM] LegalCharades says: Pelosii says Impeachment is a go
[7/10/2008 10:17:17 PM] LegalCharades says: http://www.huffingt 2008/07/10/ pelosi-house- judiciary- co_n_111976. html?page= 2
[7/10/2008 10:18:44 PM] hypatia says: hell, Idacta
[7/10/2008 10:19:05 PM] LegalCharades says: Did you read that Deb
[7/10/2008 10:19:37 PM] Jezzie says: well this is my same feeling about the u.s. govt -- that it has a shadow frame as a system
[7/10/2008 10:19:53 PM] hypatia says: yes
[7/10/2008 10:19:58 PM] LegalCharades says: ok
[7/10/2008 10:19:59 PM] hypatia says: not yet lc
[7/10/2008 10:20:04 PM] LegalCharades says: oh
[7/10/2008 10:20:07 PM] Jezzie says: what we call a shadow govt
[7/10/2008 10:20:08 PM] LegalCharades says: http://www.huffingt 2008/07/10/ pelosi-house- judiciary- co_n_111976. html?page= 2
[7/10/2008 10:20:26 PM] hypatia says: read it
[7/10/2008 10:22:32 PM] hypatia says: McCain's top ten ways to KILL IRANIANS http://www.huffingt andy-borowitz/ mccain-issues- top-ten-fun_ b_111631. html
[7/10/2008 10:22:43 PM] hypatia says: holy crap!
[7/10/2008 10:24:02 PM] LegalCharades says: under the FISA Amendments there is no Telecom immunity
[7/10/2008 10:24:53 PM] Jezzie says: right, karen
[7/10/2008 10:26:02 PM] hypatia says: all the more reason for localizing
[7/10/2008 10:26:06 PM] LegalCharades says: House passes FISA Amendments with no Telecom immunity: http://www.betanews .com/article/ House_passes_ FISA_amendments_ without_telecom_ immunity/ 1195252916
[7/10/2008 10:26:25 PM] Jezzie says: right, cherry
[7/10/2008 10:26:32 PM] Jezzie says: obama is a decoy
[7/10/2008 10:26:53 PM] hypatia says: the favorite stalling tactic of politicians is "sending it to committee" or "ordering a study."
[7/10/2008 10:27:18 PM] Jezzie says: good point deb
[7/10/2008 10:27:56 PM] hypatia says: ty nell
[7/10/2008 10:28:27 PM] hypatia says: yes, cooptation is how social movements are destroyed
[7/10/2008 10:28:32 PM] hypatia says: or crippled
[7/10/2008 10:28:49 PM] hypatia says: the right has made it seem like a lot more happened in the 60s than really happened
[7/10/2008 10:29:32 PM] LegalCharades says: FISA amendments vote on July 8: dump Telecom retroactive Immunity!: http://www.freegovi node/1923
[7/10/2008 10:29:40 PM] kalena says: Read Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man.
[7/10/2008 10:29:41 PM] hypatia says: occupy someone's office!
[7/10/2008 10:29:48 PM] hypatia says: I love Marcuse
[7/10/2008 10:30:02 PM] kalena says: Me Too. Eros and Civilization.
[7/10/2008 10:30:04 PM] oz says: Cry havoc and let slip the dogs ofsocial revolution to socialism?
[7/10/2008 10:30:10 PM] hypatia says: he has helped me understand much of what's going on
[7/10/2008 10:30:15 PM] kalena says: Me too.
[7/10/2008 10:30:21 PM] hypatia says: I just learned about "surplus repression"
[7/10/2008 10:30:35 PM] kalena says: I need a refresher on what that means.
[7/10/2008 10:30:52 PM] hypatia says: More social control than needed for capitalism to work effectively. ..
[7/10/2008 10:30:59 PM] hypatia says: as in right wing xtian fundamentalism
[7/10/2008 10:34:30 PM] oz says: com/watch? v=TXFMCa2hS4c
[7/10/2008 10:34:52 PM] LegalCharades says: Yes I have seen that
[7/10/2008 10:35:12 PM] LegalCharades says: thanks
[7/10/2008 10:35:41 PM] hypatia says: good?
[7/10/2008 10:35:45 PM] hypatia says: okies
[7/10/2008 10:36:08 PM] oz says: com/title/ tt0492931/
[7/10/2008 10:36:21 PM] hypatia says: he left
[7/10/2008 10:37:22 PM] hypatia says: cool Oz!
[7/10/2008 10:38:20 PM] Jezzie says: sounds cool
[7/10/2008 10:38:24 PM] hypatia says: Paltalk also works for Macs now
[7/10/2008 10:38:39 PM] hypatia says: but the video quality would not be good unless you paid
[7/10/2008 10:38:55 PM] hypatia says: so forget it LOL
[7/10/2008 10:39:37 PM] hypatia says: "reality" shows
[7/10/2008 10:39:42 PM] hypatia says: dancing shows
[7/10/2008 10:39:52 PM] Jezzie says: no, not at all, ozy
[7/10/2008 10:39:59 PM] hypatia says: YAY!
[7/10/2008 10:40:03 PM] hypatia says: awwww!
[7/10/2008 10:40:15 PM] hypatia says: IOU you some answers, sq!
[7/10/2008 10:40:18 PM] hypatia says: WOW cool!
[7/10/2008 10:42:41 PM] hypatia says: night all!
[7/10/2008 10:42:47 PM] oz says: (hug)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jesus was English!

Alf Garrett from the excellent English series Til Death Do Us Part was the role-model for Archie Bunker in the excellent but not-quite-as-good-as the English series, "All in the Family."

Here see and listen up! Alf tells us why Jesus was English!