Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peak Oil; Life After the Oil Crash

by Deborah Lake

the party's over, by Richard Heinberg Look for it at first. Powell's has a union contract.

If you read it in 2003, like I did, your eyes popped open. My friend Matt got it so much that he gave his life to it. I just sent him an email and it came back! Holy cow.

Matt and I got along from the beginning, during my first taste of the students at a top tier law school. We were like, whut, when they started discussing their designer shoes.

He asked me in 2005 if I knew about Peak Oil. I said, yup. He said, why didn't you tell me? Then he became silent. He said, if I would have known, I would not have passed the Bar. LOL!

And people wonder what's wrong with me.

Here's Matt's site: