Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4, 2011

Our discussion tonight focused on possible reactions to the alleged debt deal and the subsequent stock market freefall. Some of us thought that it might be time to listen to Al Gore's and Keith Olbermann's exhortation to have an Arab Spring in the USA.
[8:55:41 PM] debocracy:
[8:57:14 PM] Gloria: Although we are GODS own party, from time to time we have to do things that do not reflect ourselves. To get the point across you will have to DO ANY MEANS NESSESARY to get it across. This is a time that language or other courses of action are ok. Remember to Pray for Gods forgiveness afterwards
[8:57:34 PM] debocracy:
[8:59:55 PM] debocracy:
[9:16:12 PM] Glenn:
[9:26:30 PM] debocracy: That is why I still have a telephone land line, and a 56K modem.
[9:26:48 PM] Glenn:
[9:26:54 PM] debocracy: The land line exists so that I can access the Internet without cable or DSL.
[9:27:38 PM] debocracy: I learned that during the Egyptian uprising. You have to have a land line and a 56K modem if they shut down other access methods.
[9:32:03 PM] debocracy: also
[9:32:07 PM] Glenn:
[9:35:03 PM] Gloria: This is another free lance site, and where I read a great deal of "joe blow American" opinion.
[9:35:10 PM] Gloria:
[9:36:40 PM] Glenn:
[9:36:49 PM] debocracy: If there is ever civil unrest or a natural disaster, will be of immense help. if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.
[9:37:07 PM] debocracy: otherwise, come to
[9:37:11 PM] Glenn: Cornel West
[9:37:14 PM] Glenn: Invite
[9:37:17 PM] debocracy: and find your city or region :)
[9:38:03 PM] Glenn:
[9:39:59 PM] Glenn:

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Deborah Lake said...

Deb: Many valuable sites appeared tonight in our discussion. may be of immediate interest. I have volunteered for Indymedia as well as served as a reporter.

In the case of natural disaster or civil disorder, may be the most current site for your city or region. People can upload their own articles, audio files and video tapes of current activity. That means you too! You can be a reporter. You do not even need to "join" the site to post.

Indymedia has always been an all-volunteer project. The first station/ was established during the WTO protests in Seattle in November 1999 to provide direct coverage of the protests. Since then, sites have been established in most countries and most major cities.

The content is lightly monitored by volunteers who have a highly-developed BS detector. Generally, the only posters that Indymedia blocks are trolls, who post the same disinformation repeatedly and overburden valuable server space.

Indymedia, and here in the San Francisco Bay Area,, serve as valuable resources to notify community members of meetings and events as well.