Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where Is The Revolucion?!?!?!

Apparently yahoo was on hiatus trying to get its new security system online and then it happened. I went back there and found that you had to sign a security code to get into a chat room. This is now standard procedure to prevent bots all over the Internet. It is called human intervention. Something a bot can't do, read some funky picture with screwed up text. Well I can barely read it as well.

As to the paltalk chat room, International Avante Guarde Unite, I try to open it as a haven for the refugees of neocon panic attacks (not the room but the actual disease, there is a room named that mind you) received during the various incursions of the recent flight from yahoo into paltalk.

Will the bulk of the cons return to Yahoo? How can we plan to deal with them?

My sincere suggestion is to catch them at making blanket derogatory remarks against humanity and warn them not to proceed. If they persist then boot them. We do not have to tolerate this uncivilized assault on our better judgment and humanity.


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